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Do you Remember?

Do you remember?

Our island in the sea?




But home to you and me?

Do you remember?

Our houses squat and square?

White walls providing refuge

From burning, scorching air?

The hum of cooling motors,

Polished wood beneath our feet,

Work on kitchen table,

And friends within to meet?

Do you remember?

Gardens wrestl’d by human hand

Ringed with bitter hedges

Defeating driest desert sand?

Within, sharp grasses spread out,

Precious water piped to roots,


Scented jasmine,

Defiant blossoms, Heavenward shoots

Do you remember?

Nodding horizons, burning flares?

Coal coloured, deep earth riches,

Hunting falcons, racing mares?

Our island embraced a tapestry

Of mankind in its care

Every nation, every people,

Every ilk...

In that little piece of Eden...

On that road once paved with silk.


That wondrous place of old,

That lies in deepest memory

Cradled gently in each fold.

Where light is soft and filtered

Through gauze of passing time.

The greatest gift it gave me

Was when it knit your life to mine.

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