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I will away before you wake,

A weary journey to partake.

As you lift and shake your head,

Your dusty hold...

I will have fled

As from your slumber you arise,

No more your vistas fill my eyes

Your groans of loss I will not hear,

As Babel voices fill my ears

My life you held without a care,

Now lungs I fill with cleaner air

You did not want for me to thrive,

My duty is to stay alive

You must obey you said,

And so...

I ran away instead

Such strength it took to you forsake,

I leave you now with deepest ache

Farewell sweet homeland torn apart,

No more your trials will sear my heart

I turn my face to see the Sun,

Your tyranny 'gainst me is done

My heart, it trembles at the unknown

Yet this captive... far has flown

No longer will I live in fear,

I reach for safety...

Know its near.

My future lies within the West,

For now...

This place is where I rest.

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