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For Phil

It is time

Our Lord God said

For you to close your eyes and rest your head

Upon the soft and pillowed bed

Of green pastured Earth.

It is time

To leave this life behind

Family and friends will no longer find

Storied man, welcoming and kind

Beside cool Atlantic waters deep.

It is time

For us to reflect on hours spent together

Sports and games that brought us pleasure

Meals and conversations are memories to treasure

Now you are gone.

It is time

Nine decades on, to end this race

Tales left behind speak volumes of its pace

Lost to us - a smile and warm embrace

We will miss you.

It is time

To give thanks for the life that we shared

Adam’s harsh legacy continues - none shall be spared

Left behind a space in the hearts of all those who cared

That is empty now you are gone.

It is time

To step into brilliant light

Through Heaven’s gates the welcome sight

Of loved ones lost in timeless flight

Together now for all Eternity.

Go with our blessings

Go with our love

Rest now in peace

In Heaven above

My 'Manet' for Phil and his love of art

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