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God's Treasure Chest

How blessed am I?

To sit

'neath impossible sky

And drink in calm and mirrored blue

Broken only by one…

No two...


Thrusting beaks reaching

As Icarus for sun

I watch as

Pearls of water fall

glistening from wings

To join God's treasure chest

Of diamonds

Winking up at me.

Tepid sun reaches out

Now gentle touch,

Broken only by soft gusts

Of breeze

Serpentining by,

Strokes and caresses

With gentle kiss

Promises to return…

In a while.

Jameela knows

She lies curled close…

Soft fur against skin.

She too watches

Through autumn lashes

Nose quivering

To capture Fleeting scents

Of creatures preparing...

For hibernation.

All is quiet…

Traffic distant…

Flapping ceased…

Poised on the knife-edge of time...

I wonder...

How does one capture this moment?

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