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Mortal Footsteps

I took a walk today

Along a sandy beach.

The edge at which the unknown depths

Attempt their final reach

For Earth’s silicate security -

Unmoving rest.


They are rebuffed

With resultant

Unceasing movement -

Evidence of unpassed test.

Unsuccessful elemental merger,

The ocean presses on

Seeking to gain the foothold

That has eluded for so long.


Throwing frothy tendrils

That rush boldly up the sand

As though in one last effort

Their lofty goal to land.

Leaving broken shards behind them

For the moment,

They retreat;

Back to where they came from

The dark and sunless deep,

Until in future concursion...

Earth and water re-meet.

And we…

The insignificant walkers,

We search and scour the trail.

Pouncing on shell fragments

And action weary stones.

We are but frail...


Tactile hoarders.

On short life loans.

About us, there is rare unity

Together they will band.

Mineral grains will coalesce,

Drawing in cool water

To fill and redress,

Air pockets in the sand.

Sucking our mortal footsteps

With sweetest caress

Into distant memory.

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