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Serenity in Hyde Park

The gravel crunched under my feet, like the grinding of peppercorns…

steady rhythmic... pestle against mortar.

Lapis lazuli sky was mirrored by the Serpentine

upon which feathered families floated, ducking for sunken morsels.

Lycra clad runners paced past me,

simultaneously checking steps and texts in their race for more time.

An old lady caught my eye as she walked by…

a moment of community.

Parents pushed prams and ponies pranced past

in this parade of life around me.

The breath of beauty shared by all save ...

a monstrous mastaba of pink and blue oil drums floating lugubriously -

human vanity against the created perfection of swans.

As I walked a rush of brightly coloured flowers crowded in on either side,

urging for the attention of a fleet of bees

darting from blossom to blossom.

I wove through a throng of late in life swimmers,

all of whom eyed the coveted, yet battered, cups and ribbons arrayed on a table.

I heard the plishing strokes and saw the bobbing heads of final competitors in the water,

Earlier entrants gathered, like gannets after a fishing vessel, awaiting final scores.

Rounding a corner,

she rose in ancient bronzed splendour,

gazing serenely at the child who played in her skirts.

Attentive father watched his girl child protectively from the wings.

False god's will come calling for her,

but not today...

today let sweet sublime innocence

play Ring-a-ring o’ Roses around her feet.

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