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She Rests

She used to dance

Before she said "Yes".

Her body remembers the feel of "that" dress

Light as a whisper and deep as the night

It twinkled and sparkled in flickering light

With each step it shimmered, sweeping dust from the floor.

She made quite an entrance as she stepped through the door.

Cold frosty evening, requiring a shawl

Lamp lights from windows beckoned her to the ball.

Warm within, bodies and voices did rise

As pipers with bagpipes began their reprise.

Cavernous ballrooms fill quickly with dancers

She looks through the bodies and catching his eyes...

He beckons...

She answers.

A thousand reflections filled mirrors each end

As kilts round their partners did gracefully wend

Their way in the patterns of each Eightsome reel,

The safety of linked arms, a circling wheel.

She danced the Gay Gordon's on lightest of feet

The Dashing White Sergeant her dance card complete.

Sweat trickling down the cleft of her breaststroke

She stops... drinks champagne and

Shoes off...

She Rests.

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