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The Beginning

For Isabel and Leon as they start their married life

Birds hang

From the rafters of Heaven

In rapt anticipation

For the joining

Of lives.

In a single drawing of bow

Cross the taught strings of hearts…

Thus it begins.

A union of souls

Where thoughts

And feelings are shared…

With another

For whom

They will

Their own pleasure forsake,

To eradicate

The merest hint of sadness in the other

And when a wish 'pon star is cast

Whispered prayer it may come through

Because their joy

Is what they want for hearts true.

Like echoes that reverberate

Between two walls

Yield and meld

Until there is no space between.


No longer can discern

Where one begins and the other ends

In harmony they move

And in doing so

Weave an unheard melody

With troughs and crests

Crescendos and rests.

A unique blending of colour

On the palette of life

Joined in creation of

Their magnum opus.

Today is their first brushstroke

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