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The Scent of a Life

One doesn't know before we start

Upon which beats of racing heart

Those jeweled moments will ensue

Shared with loves, just passing through.

Cherished ones, they leap and buck across your life

Then leave a scar that slashes like a knife

Through butter,

Parting without goodbye - definitively,

A turn of events I did not foresee.

With lungs shredded from burning breath

Despair so deep you wish for death.

The world glances over and looks your way,

Uncomfortable reminder of Judgement Day.

Few, precious few, reach out to hold

And risk singeing flesh as they enfold

You, as your seared journey continues on

With Earth's solemn orbit 'round burning Sun.

Heed now the soul at start of each new day

Embrace fleeting breath, it will not stay

Drink in sights that by night will be gone

Absorb the scent of a life hard won.

Take not for granted love, joy, charity

Treasures immense, only the heart can see

If it chooses to look, and recognise

The wisdom written 'cross ephemeral skies.

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