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Stolen Life

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I See You.

Etched clearly

On crisp white paper,

Framed by cotton soft locks.

Light sinks into the deep folds of your parchment skin,

Yet you are potent with unfinished life.

I am held by the gaze of your rheumy eyes.


The first stroke is gentle,

The merest hint of graphite

Gliding unfettered across your life,

Erasing your freedom.

But it does not stop there…

One line is followed by another

Flowing smoothly from unseen hand,

Ceaselessly shading over you without compassion.

This tide of Midas that we cannot hold back

Systematically blocks out your light.

You are obscured.

Locked up.

The feckless puppeteer doubles back

Cross-hatches, darkens and shades,

Leaving deepening black marks in his wake.

Relentlessly reducing your life

With each pass across your page.

Drawing closer now

The lines tighten - separate - yet meshed

Into a net that you will never escape,

As your quickening time trickles…

Abandoned through the gaps.

You are invisible.

Locked out.

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