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The Die is Cast

Upon which day did you decide

To take your life, to run and hide?

Away from me,

In that secret place I cannot see?

I looked for you under the stair

In the garden,on your chair

Next to my bed...

Into which your soft, white fur


I called for you, you never came

But in honesty, that is the same...

Dependent on your mood,

Obedience comes well below food,

And as such it's true to say

Unless you deign…

Princess Sadie stays away!

I remember summer days along rocky beach

You’d bathe and swim, just out of reach,

Until exhausted, Bleeding…


I would call, just one time more

And finally from hold of wave

You’d condescend

To let me save


From your obsession.

I wait for you

Once more to share my bed.

To nestle in and rest your head

Uncomfortably, upon my arm;

I thought perhaps by staying still

Or through the force of…

My sheer will

I could keep you from this harm.

But no,

The die is cast, and soon

You will be gone...

And I, without you,

Will soldier on.

I fear the days ‘tween now and then.

I wish I could with stroke of pen

Erase them all,

And let you slide

With a blink,

Into eternity...

To keep watch at God's side.

And one last thing…

Before I let you go

Since your likes and foibles are things I know;

When you alight on distant shore,

In fit of pique do not, I implore

Attempt to bite the hand,

(Absent protection from my silver band!)

That feeds you.

Because my sweet girl…

I want them to love you too.

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