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To My Few

Our triune God from outset did decree

Frail mortals…

Made in His image…

Should live as He.

And thus alone we must not be

But live...

In Divine inspired community.

True friendship therefore

Gives joy and happiness…

But much...

Much more;

A sense that all is right within the world

That God week one, His plan unfurled.

Giving us a few,

To share times of love or slight,

That brush our shoulders

Within this light.


Friends with whom our paths have crossed

Though years may part...

We have not lost.

Friendships forged in the desert sands

Watered rarely

By careless hands

And yet we share

A bond so precious...

The world throws down the dare…

Do not let this friendship go,

You cannot reap…

What you do not sow.

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